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If you are interested in obtaining your GED at NO COST, please contact us.  We offer the following classes:


  • Adult Basic Education (ABE) – ABE classes are for students needing to improve basic reading, math, and language skills.

  • Adult Secondary Education (ASE) – ASE classes are for students preparing for the official GED test in order to earn an Arkansas High School Diploma. (These classes are also open to adults who desire to strengthen their math and writing skills for post-secondary education and/or job training.)

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) – ESL classes are for adults whose first language is not English. The ESL classes focus on skills needed to develop the students’ English language communication skills based on the principles of second language acquisition. Instructional practices target learning English in the four language acquisition areas of hearing (understanding), speaking, reading and writing English.

  • Computer-Assisted Instruction – Students enrolled in ABE, ASE, or ESL classes may supplement their instruction with our computer-assisted instruction classes. Computer-assisted instruction utilizes various educational software and websites such as Rosetta Stone, Khan Academy, and Teknimedia.


Note: All classes are taught by certified teachers. An individualized learning plan is developed for each student. Students work at their own pace in order to achieve academic success.


Classes are offered on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 1-3 p.m. during the months of August through May. 

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