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The curriculum for students enrolled in an instructor trainee course shall consist of six hundred (600) clock hours of technical instruction and practical operations in teaching the art of barbering. For the purpose of this section, technical instruction shall mean instructions by demonstration, lecture, classroom participation, or examination. Practical operation shall mean the actual performance by the instructor trainee of teaching techniques and principles. Please note that 110 hours are devoted to clinic/theory experience, which shall include all phases of being an Instructor.

Classroom Preparation (25)

Teaching Methods (25)

Speech (25)

Purpose and Types of Tests (35)

Selection of Appropriate Testing Methods (25)

Validity and Reliability of Teaching Methods via Tests (35)

Proper Conduct of Instruction (40)

Classroom Supervision and Control (40)

Classroom Conditions (50) 

Keeping Records (50)

Motivation (50)

Assessing Students Need (50)

Utilization of Safety Procedures (40)

Job Seeking Skills (10)

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